UKs 1st Black Lottery licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission

26.07.21 07:47 PM By sophialeach157

Created to support black based charities and good causes across the UK.

The Black Card Lottery is the UK’s 1st black owned lottery which is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. This lottery is created to raise money to support the educational advancements of black students and to provide financial aid to our black communities and charities. 

Historically black caribbean, and black caribbean dual heritage students attainment in schools has been well below that of pupils of other nationalities at EYFS, Key Stage 1, 2 and 4, and has been consistently so over the past 50 plus years. Recent issues with COVID 19 and national lockdowns has shown that this current gap could easily widen as many lower income families do not have the resources to maintain the level of education that the schools can provide i.e online learning.

The black card lottery would aim to assist by helping to fund after school clubs and other educational support from various black educational organisations 

The Black Card Lottery also hopes to provide financial help for the great charities, community centres and black owned businesses that are trying to make a difference and to provide another platform so that our black community can support each other and grow together. 

My mission is for the black community to have it’s own financial independence, by having half the British black population playing the black card lottery. This will create a singular system to raise money that will support the black community. If only 1 million black Brits subscribed we will be able to generate £10 million pounds per month which will fund educational, economic and community growth and development from the ground up.

A redistribution of wealth for subscribers is an additional benefit as 50% of lottery proceeds is returned as cash prizes as well as other small prizes which will be primarily sourced from black owned businesses, ensuring the circulation of the black pound within our community, 35% is distributed towards educational charities and good causes.

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