The Black Card Lottery is passionate about raising money for black charities and good causes to better support the educational and social growth of the Black British Community.  A minimum of 35% of the ticket price goes to charities, our players know that they are helping amazing causes that will support our community every single day. 

westside young leaders academy

The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee CIC (ADPAC)

The African Diaspora Public Affairs Committee CIC (ADPAC) is a civic and social organisation that represents the socio economic interests of people of African origin in the UK. We are a membership organisation that work with institutions, corporations, professionals, grassroots organisations to improve our relationships, grow our influence and socio economic quality of life.​

ADPAC works by coordinating the activity of the British African Diaspora to enable our efficient sharing of information, processes and resources to better build our robust self determined eco system. ADPAC CIC national leadership creates policy across Economics, Education, Employment, Health, Housing, Justice, Politics, Trade & Industry and Media.

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westside young leaders academy

Charity Number: 08618888

Westside Young Leaders Academy

We are a supplementary school with a strong mentoring component. We provide a tailored leadership programme for young black boys between the ages of 8-14 on Saturdays. We have a dedicated team who are passionate about producing successful men who understand they are born to be great. We provide a range of classes and opportunities designed to bring out this greatness We sincerely believe that every child matters and with the right support they can achieve and live their dreams. The goals of WYLA are to instil the tenets of success in our leaders at an early age, creating an awareness and understanding of the opportunities that exist for their lives. The Academy provides consistent motivation to encourage participants to stay focussed and to pursue those opportunities with passion.

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100 black men of London

Charity Number: 1105904

The 100 Black Men of London

The 100 Black Men of London is a community-based charity led by Black men delivering programmes and activities focused on Mentoring, Education, Economic Empowerment, and Health & Wellness.

We have been serving our community since 2001, and impacting thousands of lives through the work we do.

Community Mentoring Programme is accredited and highly acclaimed. Children 10+ are taken through a life-skills programme covering important topics like self-esteem, goal setting, money management, succeeding at school, social media, and more.

Economic Empowerment is one of the fundamental needs for the development of any community. Our Business Programme is based on the ethos of empowering entrepreneurs to build sustainable world-beating businesses that make real profit, grow, and create a business legacy for our children and community.

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