Terms & Conditions 


1.1     The terms and conditions below shall be effective on and from 17/05/2021 and shall supersede any previous versions. The Black Card Lottery operates a subscription-based society lottery promoted under the Gambling Act 2005 (Act) licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission. 

1.2    Normally 30 (thirty) Draws will take place in a month, although BCL reserves the right to amend this figure. Ordinarily the 30 Draws are all carried out on the first Monday of the relevant month. These Draws determine the winners of the prizes advertised on the Website in accordance with Rule.

1.3    Details of the Charities and good causes benefiting from the Draws shall be published on the Website at least 1 (one) calendar month in advance of the date the relevant Draw is to take place at www.blackcardlottery.com. BCL reserves the right to amend the details of the Charities and good causes and dates of announcement of prizes, but such amendments will be made at least 1 (one) calendar month in advance of coming into effect.


2.1    Around 50% of the Proceeds of the Black Card Lottery will be paid out as prizes as set out in this Rule. Only Players who hold a subscription and membership ID are eligible to win a prize. Every draw a winner will be picked, there will be no rollovers or unallocated prize funds.

2.2    Details of the prizes available for winners will be published at www.blackcardlottery.com. From time to time, BCL may offer extra cash or non- cash prizes and details of these will be published on the Website and elsewhere.

2.3    Prizes are awarded per winning Member ID and if you have more than 1 (one) Member ID for a particular Draw you will not win more than 1 (one) prize, as there is only 1 (one) winner per draw. The maximum number of Member ID's any person is entitled to hold in any 1 (one) Draw is 3 (Three). If a person breaches this rule and holds more than 3 (Three) Member ID's in any 1 (one) Draw, and more than 3 (Three) of the Member ID's held by them win a prize in that Draw or any sub, they shall only be entitled to prizes for the 3 (Three) of those Prizes with the highest monetary value. The value of the remaining prizes shall go to the Charities and good causes for that Draw.

2.4     For each prize, the value or nature of the prize for a Member ID selected in that Draw is set out in advance of the Draw atwww.blackcardlottery.com. This might also include provision for 1 (one) or more of the winning Member ID to win an additional prize, such as books, electronic devices or a holiday.


3.1    The Black Card Lottery can be played throughout Great Britain. Draws will be made from all registered Member ID in Great Britain, your membership ID is your personal ticket. The Act covers Great Britain only (England, Scotland and Wales) and if your main residence is in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or anywhere else outside Great Britain. You are not eligible to enter The Black Card Lottery.

3.2    The only people eligible to enter the Black Card Lottery are natural persons aged 18 years or over (please note that under age gambling is an offence) whose main residence is in Great Britain, and who do not appear on the consolidated list of financial sanctions targets in the UK published by HM Treasury, which will be checked via 192.com. Such persons must  set up a Direct Debit, you'll need; full name, account number, and sort code of the account you're paying from. You must be the account holder and the only person required to authorise debits from the account. 

3.3    You are not eligible to enter the Black Card Lottery if at the time of the Draw you hold any of the following job titles at BCL:- Process Controller, Process Co-ordinator or Process Manager. You are also not eligible to enter the Black Card  Lottery if you are the Designated Officer conducting the Draw in accordance with Rule 7.3 or if You are the independent adjudicator for the Draw in accordance with Rule 7.3.

3.4    The following people are only to be permitted to enter the Black Card Lottery on the condition that if they hold any Member ID's winning a prize with a value of more than £1,000, the amount of each winning Member ID held by them in excess of £1,000 for each  Member ID  is to be donated to charities and good causes of the Draw:

3.4.1Anyone holding the job title “Managing Director” or “Head of” in the course of their employment with BCL;

3.4.2Any individuals who have made an Annex A personal declaration to the Gambling Commission in respect of one of the Black card lottery, which is in force at the time of the relevant Draw; and

3.5    The person signing up with BCL from whose account ticket payments are collected is recognised as the Member/Player by BCL and, subject only to Rules 7.11 and 7.18, is the only person to whom BCL is liable to pay prizes won in any Draw or otherwise to account for unused Player Funds. In circumstances where the account from which the payments are collected is a joint account, the 1 (one) person who signed up with BCL and who is 1 (one) of the people holding the paying joint account is the person recognised by BCL as the Member/Player and is the only person to whom BCL is liable to pay prizes won in any Draw or otherwise to account for unused Player Funds.

3.6    By buying a ticket, You agree to be bound by the Rules, any applicable provisions of the Act and any relevant regulations made from time to time. Any misrepresentation of fact as to your eligibility to play in accordance with these Rules whether intentional or unintentional will make You ineligible to win a prize. BCL will not be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of the opportunity to enter the Black Card Lottery and/or the right to receive a prize) suffered by a Player who has not complied with the Rules. The Rules may be amended by BCL from time to time. Any amended Rules will be published on the Website at least 28 (twenty eight) days in advance of taking effect. If You are not satisfied with any proposed amendments, You can cancel your Subscription at any time in accordance with Rule 6.1 below.

3.7    While subscription-based society lotteries are widely considered to be of low risk in terms of problem gambling, individuals may wish to self- exclude themselves from taking part in the Black Card Lottery. As such, BCL operates a self- exclusion process. To self-exclude please email info@blackcardlottery.com with ‘self-exclusion’ in the title, and include all contact details (email, address, phone number(s),and the minimum period for which You would initially like to be self- excluded, which can be from 6 (six) months to 5 (five) years) or call the Customer Experience team on 07377062909. Requests for self-exclusion are activated immediately, although if at the point the self-exclusion is processed funds from the relevant account have already been collected for the next upcoming monthly Draws (or a request to the payment provider has already been sent for collection for these upcoming monthly Draws) BCL may be unable to remove the ticket from those Draws. In such circumstances payment for those Draws will not be refunded, and any wins resulting from such Draws will be paid out in the normal manner. Irrespective of the expiry of the period of self-exclusion chosen by a Player, no marketing material will be sent to them unless and until such Player has asked for, or agreed to, accept such material no earlier than 6 (six) months after the self-exclusion period has expired. 

If a Player chooses not to extend a period of self-exclusion, and makes any positive request to begin gambling again, a minimum 24 (twenty four)-hour cooling off period will be implemented before any Subscription becomes active by virtue of a Ticket forming part of a Draw. You should note that BCL can only exclude You from BCL’s own products and services and if You wish to self-exclude. BCL recommends that You self-exclude from other gambling services (including other gambling services or lotteries operated by Promoting Societies) You may use. Website filtering software exists to prevent You from accessing gaming websites from your personal computer. If a Player successfully manages to circumvent a self- exclusion set up with BCL, BCL accepts no liability in respect of any loss suffered as a result of the Player circumventing such self-exclusion. Players should play responsibly. Information on how to gamble responsibly may be found on sites such as www.begambleaware.org.


4.1    If You would like to apply to subscribe to the Black Card Lottery, You can do this using the website www.blackcardlottery.com 

Tickets are sold on a monthly Subscription basis at a monthly cost of £10.00 per Member ID for all Draws supporting 1 (one) or more charities and good causes in the next month. The price per Member ID for each individual Draw will always be the same for every playing Member ID's in that individual Draw. Ticket Numbers (member ID) will usually cost £0.34 per Ticket Number per Draw, with 30 (thirty) Draws taking place in a typical month (small daily prize) although BCL may vary the amount of Draws in a month and/or the price per Member ID per Draw by publishing details on the Website.

4.2    You must have a UK bank account. Direct debit is the payment method option available. 

4.3    You will be given a Member ID at the time of subscription, This ID will be entered into each draw and will allow BCL to determine the winner of each draw.

4.4    Each Ticket/membership Number/ID will include a unique number/ID generated by BCL. This unique number/ID will be assigned to the member on completion of the setup of a subscription to you.    

4.5     Collected direct debit payments from your designated account in accordance with these Rules purchase the entry of the relevant Ticket Number(s) into the next relevant Draws following the collected payment. All funds collected that are due to be donated to the advertised charities or good causes are kept and held separate to all  related prize funds and operational funds accounts .


5.1    Payments for Tickets must be received in advance of the Draw via an acceptable payment method as set out in the Website.

5.2    The Advance Notice sent to You will contain details of ticket prices, Draw dates. At the point of sign up You will be informed when the first payment of your Subscription will be taken, which may be immediately. Thereafter the first attempt to obtain payment each month will be on or around the 20th unless otherwise communicated. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your nominated bank account on the relevant date. If this is not the case, your bank or payment service provider may impose a penalty charge for the collection and BCL may be unable to collect payment, resulting in the relevant Member ID(s) not being entered into the Draw. BCL is not responsible for additional transaction charges imposed onto You from your bank or payment service provider.

5.3    BCL will have no liability for:

5.3.1    any act or omission of any bank or other payment service provider including chargebacks, disputes, indemnities or failures to implement Direct Debits or otherwise to act on your instructions;

in either case which prevents BCL collecting a payment on the collection date.

5.4    If BCL is unable to collect your payment on the applicable collection date BCL may, but has no obligation to, make up to 3 (three) further attempts to collect your payment prior to the next Draw. No Member ID(s) will be entered into a Draw unless BCL has received all amounts payable for the Member ID(s) in cleared funds in advance of the Draw. BCL accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused as a result of Member ID(s) not being entered in a Draw in circumstances where BCL sought payment from the payment provider and the payment provider did not make payment.

5.5    Where a bank or payment services provider makes any chargeback, dispute or indemnity demand relating to any payment by You, whether current or in relation to 1 (one) or more previous Draw(s), BCL may cancel or suspend your Subscriptions with immediate effect, which will include cancelling any Tickets purchased for upcoming Draws. In circumstances where payment has already been collected for future Draw(s) in respect of which the Member ID(s) will not be entered, BCL shall arrange for the amount of the collected payment to be reimbursed to the paying account.

5.6    If You are unsure whether your payment has been collected or not please contact BCL as a first step. If there is a dispute regarding whether Member ID(s) have been paid for, or when such payments were made, this will be resolved by reference to the payment details included in an official statement from your payment provider.


6.1    You can cancel your Subscription at any time giving BCL notice by contacting the Customer Experience team on 07377062909. Termination will take effect immediately although any funds which have been collected at the point of termination are non-refundable as they have already been used to purchase a Ticket/Member ID(s) for the upcoming Draw in accordance with Rule 4.5. Any Player Funds which have not yet been collected, but in respect of which requests to the payment provider have already been sent for collection at the point of termination, shall also be non-refundable and used to purchase a Ticket/Member ID(s) for the upcoming Draw. With effect from receipt of notice of termination, BCL will not make future requests to the payment provider to make payments in respect of the Monthly Subscription.

6.2    Any change to the details provided in your Subscription should be notified to BCL by phone, email or in writing to the contact details set out at Rule 12.1 below. If You wish to change the bank or building society specified in your Application, You will need to complete a new Direct Debit instruction. Further information about how to do this is available from BCL upon request.

6.3    BCL reserves the right to terminate or suspend a Monthly Subscription at any time (although this will not affect the results of any Draws which have already taken place) for example if payment has not been received in respect of the 3 (three) previous Monthly Subscriptions or if there are concerns over activities on the playing account. If a Monthly Subscription has been suspended or terminated, the relevant Member ID(s) will not be entered into any Draw following termination or during the period of suspension and BCL has no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the Member ID(s) not having been entered into the relevant Draw. In circumstances where BCL suspends or terminates an account and payment has already been collected for a future Draw(s) in respect of which the Member ID(s) will not be entered, BCL shall arrange for the amount of the collected payment to be reimbursed to the paying account.


7.1    Before the date of each Draw, BCL will publish a Prize Draw Calendar on the Website providing You with the following information:

7.1.1    The dates on which results of the Draw will be announced;

7.1.2    Details of the prizes available in the Draw; and

7.2    In each Draw, winners will be selected at random by BCL’s Draw engine software that Certificate of validity which generates a permanent, public certificate to prove that the draw was fair.

7.3    Each Draw will be conducted by the Designated Officer,  a certificate of validity will be generated by the Easypromos platform which indicates the time and date of the draw, the names of the winners. This certificate guarantees the transparency of your draws. The certificate comes with a unique URL that cannot be modified or deleted. The Designated Officer will document the information to enable reporting to the Gambling Commission.

7.4    If the Designated Officer observes or suspects any irregularity or failure in the procedure then the Draw will be declared null and void and a new Draw will take place.

7.5    Only those Member ID's for which payment has been received for that particular Draw are eligible to take part in that Draw. In the event of an error in the announcement of winning Member ID the Designated Officer will be responsible for confirming the Member ID, and BCL shall not be liable to give prizes in respect of Member ID's incorrectly announced as winning ID's

7.6    The Designated Officer will determine the sequence of the prizes being drawn.

7.7    The winning Member ID for each valid Draw will be published on the Website on a weekly basis in accordance with the scheduled announcement of winning membership ID’s as set out in advance of the Draw on the Website and may also be published in any other manner determined by BCL from time to time. The date of any announcement of Draw results might not be the actual date on which the Draw was conducted. The following information will be published in relation to each valid Draw:

7.7.1    The winning Member ID(s); and

7.7.2    The amounts or category (e.g. books, holiday etc) of each prize awarded to the winning Players. BCL will attempt to contact all winners, to inform them of their win.

7.8    The results of any Draw published on the Website or by any other means (including directly communicated to the Player) will be for information purposes only. Prizes shall only be awarded to the winning Member ID(s) recorded by the Designated Officer. While BCL shall use its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of published Draw results the outcome of each Draw shall be determined by the Designated Officer and BCL shall not incur any liability to pay prizes based on publication of a result not recorded by the Designated Officer.

7.9    BCL reserves the right to withhold payment of any prize until it is entirely satisfied that:

7.9.1    The person claiming such prize is validly registered in BCL’s records against the winning Member ID(s) and has fully complied with the Rules;

7.9.2    All amounts due for the Tickets associated with the winning Member ID(s) have been paid;

7.9.3    The identity of the winning Player and his or her entitlement to collect the prize has been established to BCL’s satisfaction (in particular, BCL reserves the right to request proof of identity via the use of 192.com  and to withhold payment until entirely satisfied appropriate proof of identity has been provided); and

7.9.4    BCL will require proof of age to be produced before paying out any prize via the use of 192.com. Prizes will not be paid to those found to be under 18 years old.

7.10    Without prejudice to the above, BCL reserves the right to withhold payment of any prizes if it reasonably suspects the occurrence of fraud in relation to any Draw(s).

7.11    BCL may, at its absolute discretion, pay out a prize to a person whom it is satisfied is the duly authorised representative of a Player acting under a lawfully executed Power of Attorney or other equivalent authorisation.

7.12       Prize monies will be paid out as follows:

7.12.1    Prizes less than £100 will be paid directly into playing accounts as set out in Rule 7.13 and BCL shall not personally notify such winners in advance of such payment being made.

7.12.2    BCL’s Members Experience team will attempt to contact winners of prizes of £100 or more to advise them of the prize won and make arrangements for payment and the steps set out in Rule 7.13 will be taken unless otherwise agreed with the Player at that stage.

7.13     Payment of prizes will usually be made as follows:

7.13.1  If You are a winning player who pays by Direct debit and have previously provided validated bank or building society details for prize payments then prize money will be paid into the relevant validated bank/ building society account; 

7.14     While BCL will do everything possible to identify and pay prizes to winning players, any cash prizes which BCL has been unable to pay because it does not have the correct bank or building society details and which have not been claimed within 6 (six) months after the date of the relevant Draw, will be void and BCL shall arrange for the relevant prize to be transferred to the charities and good causes with the relevant Draw(s). BCL will have no liability for any loss or damage suffered in relation to a failure to claim a prize in accordance with this Rule 7.14.

7.15    Either before the relevant Draw or afterwards, BCL may elect (in its absolute discretion) subject to complying with these Rules to allocate more than 1 (one) prize to a winning Member ID.

7.16    If You win a non-cash prize advertised by BCL (e.g. a device or holiday) You are not entitled to a cash equivalent.

7.17    Prize claims must be made within 6 (six) months of the publication by BCL of the results of the relevant Draw and will not be accepted by BCL after this time, unless such a claim relates to a prize which BCL has been unable to pay in the circumstances set out in Rule 7.9.

7.18    Where Tickets purchased by any deceased Player win a prize, the prize will be treated as an asset of the deceased Player’s estate and made over to the Player’s personal representatives or executors entitled to collect it on the Player’s behalf once BCL is satisfied such persons are in fact the personal representatives or executives of a deceased Player. BCL reserves the right to request documentary proof that a person is a personal representative or executor of a deceased Player.

7.19    BCL shall not be liable to pay prizes to any Player appearing on the consolidated list of financial sanctions targets in the UK. Any prizes in respect of a winning Ticket held by somebody appearing on the consolidated list of financial sanctions targets in the UK may, at BCL’s discretion, instead be distributed to the charities and good cause supported by BCL.


8.1    You agree that by making an Application and/or becoming a member/Player of BCL may process your personal data for the purposes and in the manner described in the privacy policy posted on the Website.

8.2    BCL may request information to confirm your identity (via the use of 192.com identity checker) at any point when You have submitted an Application or hold a live Subscription with BCL. This may include requesting such proof on sign up, or when You win a prize. Where such confirmation of identity is requested, BCL shall not be liable to make payment in respect of any prize until satisfied by the proof produced via 192.com (whether or not You still hold a live subscription).


9.1    Subject to Rule 9.3, neither BCL nor any supported charities or good causes will be liable to You for any loss or damage suffered by You arising from:

9.1.1    Any delays or failures in the postal service or other delivery methods used by BCL or You from time to time; or

9.1.2    Any delays or failures in any system used by BCL or You to transmit emails to the other; or

9.1.3    Any failure in the computer program or other method used by BCL from time to time to generate winning Ticket Number(s); or

9.1.4    Any delays or failures in the banking system used to transmit payments between BCL and You (or vice versa); or

9.1.5    Any refusal by BCL to accept an online application for a Subscription or the termination or suspension by BCL of an existing Subscription; or

9.1.6    Any event beyond the reasonable control of BCL.

9.2    Nothing in these Rules will operate to exclude or restrict the liability of BCL or any of the supported charities and good causes participating in BCL from time to time for:

9.2.1    Death or personal injury resulting from negligence;

9.2.2    Breach of the obligations arising from section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979; or

9.2.3     Fraud.


10.1     BCL’s Complaints Procedure aims to ensure that any given issue a Player/member may have regarding the lottery is dealt with promptly and in confidence. BCL’s Complaints Procedure is without prejudice to Players’ legal rights. The Complaints Procedure applies to any Complaints raised by Players. (If You are a non-player, complaints must be submitted in writing to members of the  Experience team, Black Card Lottery, 24 Wilson Close, London, HA99ST . Any Complaints by a member/Player may be by phone, email or writing to the contact details set out in Rule12.1 below. Complaints may be raised via third party intermediaries/support tools. If it seems a Player may be wishing to complain through social media, they may be redirected to the Complaints Procedure. It is necessary to make any Complaint relating to a particular Draw (or incident) within 6 (six) months from the date of the relevant Draw (or incident) and records of complaints will be kept by BCL for 7 (seven) years from the date the Complaint is resolved. Any Complaint not resolved at the point of first contact with BCL within 2 (two) Working Days of receipt by BCL shall enter the formal Complaints Procedure as set out below.

10.2    The formal Complaints Procedure consists of 3 (three) stages:

10.2.1    Stage 1 — A BCL member of staff shall investigate the Complaint and respond to the Player within 5 (five) Working Days of the Complaint entering the formal Complaints Procedure.

10.2.2    Stage 2 — If the Complaint is not resolved at Stage 1, the BCL member of staff will escalate the Complaint to a more senior BCL representative. The senior BCL representative will investigate the Complaint and endeavour to respond to the Player within 5 (five) Working Days of the Complaint having been escalated to Stage 2. In circumstances where investigation of the Complaint is likely to take longer than 5 (five) Working Days, BCL will notify the complainer advising of the proposed timescales and next steps, aiming to resolve the Complaint at Stage 2 within a maximum of 20 (twenty) Working Days of the Complaint having been escalated to Stage 2.

10.2.3    Stage 3 — If the Complaint is not resolved at Stage 2, it will be referred to a Managing Director of Black Card Lottery, who will endeavour to respond within 5 (five) Working Days of the Complaint having been escalated to Stage 3. The Complaint will also be notified to the relevant associated Society.

Subject to Rule 10.3, it shall take no longer than 8 (eight) weeks from receipt of the Complaint to conclude stages 1-3.

10.3    The 8 (eight) week timeframe set out in Rule 10.2 above shall include a “stop the clock” provision. If the Player fails to respond to a reasonable request for information from BCL within seven days of the request from BCL, the clock on the 8 (eight) week timeframe will stop and will only restart on the date that the requested information is received by BCL from the Player.

10.4    If the Complaint remains unresolved 8 (eight) weeks after receipt by BCL (taking account any time that the “clock” on the time period may have been paused in accordance with Rule 10.3 above), or if the Player and BCL reach a deadlock or final position in less than 8 (eight) weeks, BCL shall write to the Player to explain the final decision, that it is the end of the complaints process and that the Player can ask for the Complaint to be referred to alternative dispute resolution in terms of Rule 10.5.

10.5    Alternative Dispute Resolution: In circumstances where BCL, has further to Rule 10.4 above, written to the Player explaining the final decision and that this is the end of the complaints process the Player may require that BCL submit to alternative dispute resolution with IBAS is a gambling-specialist Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service, adjudicating on disputes between licensed gambling operators and their customers since 1998. https://www.ibas-uk.com/ Without the Player requiring to contribute to the cost of their services. BCL will abide by the decision or recommendations of the relevant alternative dispute resolution provider.

11. LAW

11.1 The Rules and all matters arising from or connected with them are governed by English law. Subject to Rule 10, the courts of Scotland and England & Wales will each have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising from or connected with the Rules or Black Card Lottery.


12.1 Comments, questions or complaints should be sent to the contact details below:

Tel: 07377062909

Email: info@blackcardlottery.com

Trading address: 24 Wilson Close, London, HA99ST


13.1 BCL has implemented measures to ensure that Player Funds are held in a separate designated client account which is separate from BCL’s operation account. They would still form part of the assets of the BCL in the event of insolvency. This meets the Gambling Commission’s requirements at the basic segregation level because BCL holds Player Funds separate from its own funds in this account. This means that steps have been taken to protect Player Funds but there is no absolute guarantee that they will be repaid if BCL should at any time become insolvent. For more information about the protection of Player Funds please see the Gambling Commission website (www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk)


The following words, when used in the Rules, have the following meanings:

“Act” The Gambling Act 2005, as amended from time to time;

“Advance Notice” The letter or email referred to in Rules 5.2;

“Application” An application to register with BCL for a Monthly Subscription to Black Card Lottery; “Complaint” an expression of dissatisfaction, whether spoken or written, about any aspect of the way BCL conducts its licensed activities;

“Complaints Procedure” the procedure set out in Rule 10 which BCL follows on receipt of a Complaint; “Designated Officer” is the BCL employee designated to conduct Draws;

“Draw” The process by which winning members ID/Ticket Number(s) are selected by BCL

“Gambling Commission” The Gambling Commission as established under the Act;

“Monthly Subscription” A subscription to be entered into all Draws taking place in a calendar month, usually 10 (ten);

“Player/member” Each person who purchases a Ticket or Tickets;

“Player Funds” Any amounts held to a Player’s credit including unpaid prize funds and (in the event BCL ever operates such a scheme) any other bonuses or credits which may be credited to a Player from time to time;

“Supported charities and good causes” Those who will received funding and donation from Black Card Lottery which are listed on the Website from time to time;

“Rules” The rules of Black Card Lottery set out in these terms and conditions, as amended by BCL from time to time;

“Subscription” An arrangement permitting the purchasing of Tickets on an on-going basis resulting in an entitlement to enter 1 (one) or more Draws in Black Card Lottery, which will continue on a rolling basis until terminated by You or BCL;

“Ticket” The paid-up entitlement to be entered into Draws in a lottery in accordance with the Rules; “Ticket Number” The number which uniquely identifies a members ID, and which is entered into each relevant Draw, as described further in Rule 4.4; “You” A Member/Player who has bought a valid ticket(s) for 1 (one) or more BCL Draws;

“Website” www.blackcardlottery.com; and “Working Day” Monday to Friday excluding any public holiday in Scotland, England or Wales


Black Card Community Lottery is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 56286. 

Registered office: Black Card Community Lottery LTD, Kemp House 128 City Road London EC1V 2NX . Company reg. No. 12731169 Black Card Community Lottery trading as Black Card Lottery. Trading address: 24 Wilson Close, London, HA99ST